Almost doesn’t count

 Let me bring you back to some tear-jerking moments.That moment when you want to shave your hair off in frustration. That moment when all you can do is mope.

1. When positive should have been negative

        You stayed up all night, memorized the overly long formula, your callous had bore another callous from practicing the solution. Exam day came, you passed your paper with your head held high. Results came, you are full of anticipation, then suddenly you see that small red circle


2. You didn’t hold on to the threshold.

        Your score:39/60. And the passing score is…… 40!


3. We could have had it all

       That really sad reality your so -called everlasting love actually burned itself out. Oh the tragedy. May also be that moment when you decided to give it a try than he decides he’s tried enough. Hmmmm.


4. I forgot

        I’m gonna ace this test. I’m gonna wow the audience. Then suddenly, the answer/ line decided to decide he’s too shy to come out. May also be called the tip of the tongue phenomenon in some instances. Come on, Come on.


5. I saw it first

        So you had my eyes for this book/ shoes etc., then you decide to leave it first because you haven’t  really decided if its necessary or not. And when you convinced yourself it was necessary. You came back for it only to see it waving goodbye. Of course there are other costumers. Sometimes it pays to be impulsive.haha


6. I’d walk a thousand miles.

        You skipped breakfast. Combed your hair on the way, took the stairs two steps at a time. You stop a minute to breathe then run again. Fortunately, you are too early for the next flight/ batch/ shuttle.


Sometimes life’s just too unfair. But HAHA. It’s just so funny to look back at some of our frustrations.


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