More ways than one



 Flowers, chocolates,free food and gifts, Oh hello Valentines’! It’s nice to look at people doing things for their loved ones, be it their other half, friends or parents. This Valentine’s, I don’t want to limit “love” to appreciating and loving the ones you love. Let’s start with the things some of us ridiculously love.

1. Chocolate

        Now this is literally dark temptation. I would give up any food for chocolate. The way it melts in your mouth at the first bite.Hmmm, Just plain heaven. The best excuse for eating chocolate everyday? Stress. Or thinking you’re stressed.

2. Coffee

       I can’t imagine how others function without coffee. Seriously? You’re missing half of your life.

3. Fictional Characters

        So what if he lives a thousand miles away? We’re so close I could literally think of what he is thinking now. Caution: Don’t look for them in real life, you’ll end up breaking your heart ( especially boys). And the villains, gosh, who wouldn’t love them? That moment you want to wipe off that smirk on his face. That sarcastic smile. And that oh-so broken interior. And sometimes they’re just so evil you could hate them for life.

4.Others combing your hair.

         I don’t know where the magic lies but the feel of others hands on my hair, well, I just can’t help but sigh. Maybe that’s how cats feel when they’re being stroked.

5. I did 5 projects in one day!

         I’m so proud of myself. Yep. This is where you scream your lungs out after cramming for 8 hours because your requirements are due the next day. This is just so fulfilling.

6. Talking with kids–and sometimes messing with them

         Kids, they’ve got the most brilliant of answers. Ridiculous but some really makes sense. And when you mess with them, you can’t help but be brought to your childhood. 

7. Singing in the bathroom

          This is our turf. I really don’t know what it is about bathrooms that makes me a diva. 




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