Starting over again

” And now we’re starting over again, it’s not the easiest thing to do. I’m feeling inside again, ’cause every time I look at you, I know we’re starting over again.” I was LLSed. But it didn’t end there, the lyrics made me think of many “restartings” and I’ve got to admit none of them is really easy.

1. Starting over an assignment or report

     Yep. This sucks. When all you can do is gape while all your efforts go down the drainage. Either because you think your work is literally  trash or because your teacher thinks so. New ideas, new plot, deeper vocabulary and deeper comprehension. On the contrary, you have this idea of what to avoid and what to include.

2. Starting over a conversation

      The mouth was made for speaking, and despite the fact that talking improves speech, it pisses people if they are to repeat words over and over again. Something will be missed, something may be added. Tip: Listen carefully and speak slowly.

3. Starting over a new sleep

        You’ve been twisting and turning in bed for hours and when your eyes finally drooped, your brother suddenly barges in the room to ask some stupid question. Seriously? What have you done to deserve this?

4. Starting over a relationship

        Maybe this is the hardest and most sensitive. This is the part where scars are licked and chances are given. Emotions, should I say, are more fragile yet reserved. Past mistakes may be thrown in your face. But there are lessons learned. This is no longer the testing ground. Somehow, its more secure because you’ve been here but there are barriers. But those barriers may serve as foundations in rebuilding a new relationship.

5. Starting over a book

       Now this is what I love best. Rereading a book. It’s like going home. With the characters as my friends and enemies. Yet it’s not easy,going through the conflicting emotions of the characters again, of wanting to slap the characters with their book again.


We start over again everyday. Every single day is a chance to do more and be more. We go through cycles, just again and again and again. 




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