When we go through life, we make friends, we make enemies and most often, we make acquaintances. Friends and enemies pull out so much emotions from us. An acquaintance is lighter. Someone you could share your simple hello and your cheerful goodbye. One who would accompany you because she’s too shy to refuse. I met an acquaintance from our school paper, she was always so jolly, just simply natural. We simply clicked! She would share ALL her thoughts, from crushes to travels to experiences, as if you’ve been friends all your life. I would always see her combing her hair a hundred times in the comfort room, then, we would talk about how we have no experience in journalism and how we loved cramming.  Just recently, we started heading home together when our schedules allowed us, not planned, we simply do.She gave me a subtle encouragement–intentional or not–that I am so thankful for. We were in the school bus on our way home, there were high school students getting off, each one of them bidding farewell ( Ingat Ms! Bye Ms! Ms.,report ko bukas ah?) to the teacher behind our back. She looked at me and said:” Swerte! Konti nalang babatiin ka na rin ng ganyan!” It made me realize that “Yes, I want that.” Unfortunately, she had to go away.  We could have shared and made more stories, we could have dieted together, we could have been friends. Sometimes, I’d even expect her to see her in the hallways and ask me if I have finished my paper. This realization struck me: that maybe the small things we thought of are really the big ones we didn’t pay enough attention to. There is regret because we could have been able to get to know each other better. Joy, because we had something light, something fresh.





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