‘Tis the season to be jolly


After all the cramming, lesson plans, and reports, the bells of Christmas, in their white lights, have finally come to my rescue. I always wonder why Christmas has this different air–not just the sudden chill–but this emotion/atmosphere of getting together, sharing stories and reminiscing old laughs. It simply washes away our worries, our inhibitions, sometimes it makes us feel like the same old carefree child we used to be. Holiday is also a time to look back and sometimes it makes me feel a sudden feeling of melancholy. Every Christmas, one or two relative would be away–to go to work, some would be at another country, others have passed away. There may be same songs played, same food eaten, same faces lit, but there is always a change–be it be good or bad. If ten years ago, I’d ask my mama to buy me Bibingka,she would nag me now if I wouldn’t buy her one. Before, we were the ones waiting to be served food, but now, it seems that the tables have turned. Sadly, some members were not there anymore to share stories and drinks with us. It makes us treasure who and what we have today because they may not be there next Christmas, they may not be there to listen to your embarassing moments and give you advices you’ve already memorized by heart. It seems that I’ll always look forward to this season–more excited or less excited. Christmas is about birth, about sharing, about reflecting,ordinary to some yet ’tis a season to be jolly. 


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