Say What you Mean


Hayahay! I’ve been hearing this word everyday, some use it for a purpose and some had made it just merely an expression. But what does it really mean? And when is it really appropriate to use it? According to Toto Bato(a DJ), Hayahay is a Visayan word which means relaxed or restful,convenience,comfort, easiness, without stress or without a care in life. The word became “trending” since last year because of its use in a radio station. For me, it’s the only word that best describes my feeling after a very a hard project, a terrifying report and a stressful semester. I’ve use to fool with my friends–but not all of them took it well.   Claiming that you are hayahay may be good for you but considering others as one may actually insult them. They may find it infuriating when you say hayahay when they are actually having a hard time. It might look like you assumed that they are doing nothing. I often wonder how some people could say hayahay to a child lying on the street. He was without a care in the world but I could never even assume he is Hayahay. I don’t see comfort or convenience there. How can he even be restful if when he wakes up, his stomach would growl and he would have to work hours to stuff it. The thing is, although we find it amusing to use certain words, always consider its meaning and its effect to you and others.


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